As a creative, I realize the importance of editing. Beyond the scope of grammatical errors, editing is important for developing ideas and clarifying your message to make sure your audience receives it as you intended. Any content that you are releasing to the public should be professionally edited.



Rates are per single-spaced page.


Level 1 Editing

[Avg: $0.017 per word]
(Proofreading and line editing)
Review of text, checking for accuracy of grammar, spelling, language and overall flow and readability.


Level 2 Editing

[Avg: $0.03 per word]
(Level 1 + manuscript development)
Level 1 services and critique of manuscript: substance, plot, characters, settings, etc.


Blog Editing

Level 2 editing of unique blog posts. Up to 2k words per post. Bundling deal: 5 for $100.


Basic Review

This is for previously edited work that may need another eye to make sure everything is polished and complete. Minor errors and formatting checks. No line level editing.

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